Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

Welcome LetterBelleville Christian School

Dear Parents and Students

Thank you for your interest in Belleville Christian School.

Ours is a distinctively Christian academic program with an international influence. We recruit students from across
American and from other countries to attend our unique College preparatory academic program presented
in English. Our school serves grades K-12 using the best in Christian Academic curriculum, Bob Jones University
Press materials.

Belleville Christian School offers the residential program with professional supervision for students coming from
outside the immediate Belleville market area. The residential program includes American and international

The school's vision is the training of truly God's people for service to God and mankind in roles of leadership
producing student graduates who approach their respective vocation with a biblical world view.

We invite your inquiry into the details of Belleville Christian School and its very unique approach to developing
tomorrow's Christian leaders.

Yours for Christian leadership,

Donald T. Cabbage, PhD

Executive Director
Belleville Christian School