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Belleville Christian School Aid Association

One Spirit Church is recruiting sponsors to support the establishment and operation of Christian schools.

717 Movement - School Supporters Association

717 Movement - School Supporters Association Belleville Christian School raises Christian leaders who work in glorifying God only through biblical textbooks and curriculum from Bob Jones University which is a Christian prestigious university.
These days it is said that children who believe in God do not grow as God’s children by breaking their belief due to secular education such as Humanism and the Theory of Evolution.
In America, many people already received education from traditional Christian school and live life as a Christian. Many people are the leaders of society and live as a disciple of Jesus.
Therefore, there should be many Christian schools like Belleville Christian School that educated truly God’s people. So Belleville Christian School starts a movement called “717 movements” which is to establish 700 Christian school, 1 million prayer supporter and 70 Christian leaders. To spread Christian education and culture through 717 movements, we need many co workers for this ministry and support by prayer and material.
We can not do it by ourselves. We are recruiting 1 million material supporters and 1 million prayer supporters.
Do you want to be an education supporter who raises God’s people?
God would like to see you become a supporter.

How to Support

  • Prayer Support
  • Support by praying for school’s vision and school’s prayer request and intercessory prayer.
  • Lifelong Support
  • Support by donating more than 0,000,000 Dollars
  • Regular Support
  • Support by donating set amount for monthly
  • Special Support
  • Support by donating once or irregular bases
  • Other Support
  • Donating books or goods for school.
  • Benefits of Sponsorship
  • 1. Members can rent Bob Jones Book and curriculum for free.
  • 2. When members purchase Bob Jones’ Book, they will get 40% off.
  • 3. If a member or child of member enters Bob Jones University, he/she will receive scholarships.
  • 4. Members receive newsletter from Bob Jones Institute for free.
  • Join Sponsorship
  • Application : You can participate in the christian school ministry through prayer and financial support.
  • Fax: (618) 416-2798
  • E-mail:
  • If you have any question for membership
  • Please contact Philip Sherwood at (618) 416-0335 or (618) 416-1957