University Research Institute

University Research Institute

University Research InstituteBelleville Christian School

BCS University Research Institute is an affiliated institution of this school, providing materials and information on academic enhancement, university entrance guidance, acquisition of scholarship and leadership development.

  1. Special admissions / International collaboration (MOU)

    We have established agreements and contracts and also closely working with more than 90 institutions and universities domestically
    and internationally on principal recommendation admission, special admission, and prior selection for admission, preparation for talent training, conditional admission, and scholarship selection. Such close cooperation and agreements continue to get more and more detailed and to expand to more universities. Through this process, our students are given more opportunities regarding their university entrance.

  2. Academic enhancement/ prestigious universities

    We continuously support students with their academic enhancements, college preparations for Ivy League universities and Christian universities and more by continuing our study and research on SAT/ACT/AP/UP/GPA subjects’ study plans, teaching methods, guidance policies, counseling, university entrance guidance and more.

  3. Various contests

    We provide opportunities to students to participate in various contests such as science, language, arts and mathematics by collaborating with more than 100 locally and internationally affiliated universities and organizations.

  4. Scholarship study and assistance

    We help students go on to one of the most prestigious universities in the United States with scholarships by providing them one-on-one consultations. About 70 percent of graduates receive scholarships each year through the institute’s ministry.

  5. Leadership development

    BCS University Research Institute helps students discover their true talents and abilities to become international leaders. Also, by making connections and working with various companies, universities, broadcasting stations and more, we provide students opportunities to serve in local and international communities so that students can develop their identity and leadership as Christians.

  6. Feature of BCS University Research Institute: As an affiliated institution of Belleville Christian School, it has various professional teacher teams such as university entrance guidance team, scholarship team, Ivy entrance guidance team, international exchange center and more. We help make application and make decision on university based on career aptitude test, GPA and certified test scores done with one-on-one supervision.