Ministry fields

Ministry fields

Ministry fieldsBelleville Christian School

Online Program

It is an international education program approved by the American Education
Department for both credit and degree. It is operated by an American Christian
Private School, College and University program with applicable schools.
American Christian Private School (Kinder to 12th grade) education program
to help get American high school diploma and qualified to enter American
University. College/University program help to earn Bachelor, Master and
Ph. D degree from Tennessee Temple University which has an exclusive contract
with our school.

Bob Jones Publishing Institute (BJUP)

We studied educational and bibliographical documents which are related to
Christian textbook and curriculum. We also provide the translation of American
Christian book into Korean to spread Christian education and culture ministry.
Signing a Contract with BJUP’s Christian school’s curriculum, translating into
Korean language and publication, we publish Bible, Science, Reading and more
books which are translated into Korean through Jones Book Publication.
Also we signed a contract to supply Christian textbooks with LifeWay, the largest
Christian Publication in America. To spread Christian education and culture,
we signed a contract with Christian Light Publication as well. Jones Institute is
trying its best to provide true Christian culture to the entire society by supplying
Christian books, studying and translating literatures. (Agreement with: BJUP,
Life Way, Christian light publication, Tennessee Temple University, Louisiana
Baptist University, Eastern University, Ohlone College, St. Cloud University,
University of Central Oklahoma, Troy University, Ecclesia College, Jacksonville
State University, Luther Rice Seminary University, Kingswood University,
Kapi'olani Community College of the University of Hawaii, SUNY Korea, Seoul
Theological University, Seoul Bible College, Ghent University Global Campus))

717 Movement Support to Establish School

Belleville Christian School takes part in ‘717 movement’ which means 700 well
educated Christian schools, 70 leaders and 1 million supporters. For spreading
Christian culture, Belleville Christian School supports the entire process of
establishing Christian School from setting up the direction and how to run it.

▶ Supporting Content

  1. Procedure of establishing school and manage it.
  2. Provide Curriculum.
  3. Hiring faculty and education.
  4. Provide Online Education Program.
  5. Provide Homeschooling program.
  6. Provide Exchange student program and Study abroad program.

Belleville Christian School Kindergarten

Belleville Christian School Kindergarten’s purpose of education is to be Truly God’s People and nurture children to be physically and mentally healthy. Also we raise
them to be a talented person who is a leader in global era with both a dream and
a gift. Through the scriptures, we raise them as a God’s whole children and let
them have a right mind. With fun and interesting education program, we
nurture children to be healthy both physically and mentally.

One Spirit Church

One Spirit Church is Belleville Christian School’s church that has been established
to set Truly God’s People through developing Christian education and culture
in today’s era.

Korea International Christian School

Korea International Christian School contributes to the improving of the spiritual
and academic quality of Christian Schools in Asia as well as Korea through
educational networks with Universities and Christian Schools in the United States.