ActivitiesBelleville Christian School

Club Activity

By exploring each student's talents and actively participating and serving
in school activities, we help them learn the life of a steward and train
them to gain interpersonal competency as they interact with each other
through group activities. Some specific programs include choirs,
orchestra ensemble, worship team/campus, sign language, media club,
sports club, etc.

Extracurricular Activities

Its purpose is to discover each student’s talents.
It is also designed to help students to live out a life of a steward by
participating in school activities. Lastly, it helps students to develop
their character and learn to interact with others.

Belleville Christian School Spirit Week

We spend time to worship God and to encourage each one another by
holding 'Belleville Christian School Sprit Week' once every semester.
Belleville Christian School Spirit Week takes place in the last week of
every semester. During the Belleville Christian School Spirit Week,
students are actively engaged in events by interacting with one another.
They also have a chance to plan for their futures.

  • Purpose

    A. To Praise God
    B. To Love Belleville Christian School
    C. To Respect Belleville Christian School

  • Special Events

    A. Christian Movie Day
    B. Belleville Christian School Got Talent
    C. Testimony Assembly
    D. Time Capsule
    E. Weekly Dress Code

  • Regular Events

    A. Belleville Christian School Manito
    B. Can Donation
    C. Photo Zone
    D. Face Painting Zone
    E. Popcorn & Coke